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Water Law

  • Can I use the water directly from a river, well, lake or spring?

If you are going to use it for home consumption, then no problem.


If its use is more than domestic, then you cannot extract and use the water directly from a river, well, lake or spring without having a Right of Use of Water. Doing so constitutes the crime of usurpation of water, prosecutable by the Prosecutor's Office.

  • What is a Water Use Right?

  • How can I request a Water Use Right?

  • Can you buy the Water Use Rights?

  • What is the crime of usurpation of water?

  • Can I dig a well on my property?

  • Where is a Water Use Right requested?

  • I bought a piece of land and I want to get water, how  I make?

  • What is the patent for non-use?

  • What is rural drinking water?


Environmental law

  • What is an RCA (environmental qualification resolution)?

  • What is the difference between an Environmental Impact Study and an Environmental Impact Statement?

  • What is a relevance?

  • What can the Superintendency of the Environment supervise?

  • What are the Environmental Courts?

  • What is the Environmental Protection Resource?

  • What is ILO Convention 169 and how is it applied in environmental matters?

  • What environmental crimes exist?

  • Where do I report a violation of environmental legislation?

  • What is citizen participation?

  • Who is required to file a lawsuit for environmental damage?

  • What is a compliance program?

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