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Water Law

For more than 25 years I have devoted myself to developing a thorough knowledge of the various aspects that affect both water resources and drinking water and sewerage.

My assistance in resolving your water issues and concerns extends to:

1) Counsel's opinions: after 25 years of experience in multiple roles, and with a solid academic preparation, I can provide counsel's opinions on water law issues, both national and from other countries (Comparative Law) and international (International Water Law).
The matters on which counsel's opinions may fall are, for example:

  • Constitutional aspects.

  • Bills of law.

  • Constitution of water use rights: consumptive and non-consumptive.

  • Regularization of water use rights.

  • Transfer of the exercise of the right.

  • Patents for non-use.

  • Hydraulic works projects: reservoirs, hydroelectric plants, desalination, pipelines.

  • User organizations: Water Communities, Canalistas' Associations and Vigilance Boards.

  • Actions of and before the General Water Directorate (Chile).

  • Mortgages, usufructs and easements.

  • Protection of your rights to use water: water protection, possessory actions, arbitration.

  • Administrative procedures for sanctions.

  • Environmental aspects associated with water: wetlands, shoreline protection, payments for ecosystem services.

2) Water law compliance: I evaluate various aspects that can be costly to resolve when time is short.

3) Compliance with the Human Right to Water: I evaluate whether its activities comply with the standards required by the Human Right to Water and Sanitation.

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