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Counsel's Opinion,


1) Counsel's Opinions: Given my extensive experience, both in Chile and abroad, as a Justice, lawyer, consultant, academic, and national and  International public servant, I can issue counsel's opinions on Environmental Law (national, comparative and international), Water Law (national, comparative and international), and Natural Resources Law (national, comparative and international).

Counsel's opinions can be submitted in judicial* or arbitral proceedings, as well as before public services in the context of administrative proceedings. Equally, counsel's opinions serve as input for decision-making by companies (national or foreign), public bodies (national and foreign), international organizations, non-governmental organizations (national or international), or natural persons.

2) Arbitration : Likewise, and from the experience accumulated for more than 25 years, aswell  As my experience as a judge, I can arbitrate environmental, natural resource and water disputes between two or more parties.

3) Mediation : I can contribute particular value in mediation processes in environmental conflicts, on natural resources and controversies on water resources.


4) International Environmental Controversies : given my long professional and academic experience around the world, I can provide opinions and advisory services on substantive issues regarding litigation related to International Environmental Law, International Water Law, and Comparative Law on environment, water and resources. natural.


* See Disclaimer .

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