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Environmental law

National regulations protect the environment, as it is the space where human beings and other sentient beings carry out our activities.  

This is why there are multiple environmental regulations applicable both to an economic activity, as well as to the activity of public services, such as municipalities, and even the activities of any social group.

My services are aimed at helping your activity to comply effectively and efficiently with environmental regulations.

Among the environmental regulations in which I can add value, there are:

1) Reports on Law and legal opinions : after 25 years of experience in multiple roles, and with a solid academic preparation, both in Chile and abroad, I can illustrate on environmental law issues (ex. Forecast on legal effects of change climate), both national and of other countries (comparative law) and international (International Environmental Law).

Some of the areas where I can add value to your decisions are:

  • Aspects of Constitutional Law.

  • Draft laws on environmental matters and natural resources,

  • Regulation of natural resources (forestry, energy, fishing, soils, mining, hydrocarbons).

  • Agriculture and environment.

  • Climate change.

  • Environmental crimes.

  • Strategic environmental assessment.

  • Conservation rights.

  • Cultural heritage.

  • Protected wild areas.

  • Regulation of flora, fauna and hunting.

  • International Environmental Law.

2) Environmental impact assessment: I advise throughout the project development process, during its evaluation —Declaration or Environmental Impact Study— and until obtaining the environmental licence (RCA).

3) Environmental compliance: I evaluate the level of compliance with the environmental regulations of the activity, generating information for the adoption of informed investment or operational decisions.

4) Human Rights and Environment Compliance: Is your company subject to due diligence of the environmental impact of their activities on human rights? I can help by clarifying doubts and assessing the degree of compliance.

5) Research on environmental issues: given my vast academic training and experience, both in Chile and abroad, as well as a long list of publications, they allow me to investigate complex issues to solve concrete and practical problems.

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