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​​​I am Michael Hantke Domas, PhD, lawyer, devoted to Environmental Law and Natural Resources, especially Water Law.


My experience is the result of more than 25 years serving in various capacities, both in Chile and abroad, either as a justice, lawyer, consultant, academic, and national and international public servant.

My professional practice and academic work allow me to add value in consultancies, counsel's opinion, and training.

  • Counsel's opinions.

  • International Environmental Law.

  • Environmental licences.

  • Environmental impact assessment.

  • Sectoral permits.

  • Natural resources.

  • Biodiversity.

  • Climate change.

  • Waste facilities and landfills.

  • Hazardous waste.

  • Mine closing plans.

  • Recycling.

  • Conservation rights.

  • Among others.

  • Counsel's opinions.

  • Tranboundary water law.

  • Hydraulic projects.

  • Water use rights.

  • User organizations.

  • Protection of waters.

  • Easements and mortgages.

  • Regularizations.

  • Among others.

  • Counsel's opinion on matters of Environmental Law, Water Law and Natural Resources Law, both for lawsuits and arbitrations.

  • Arbitration in environmental, water and natural resource matters.

  • Mediation of environmental conflicts.

  • Advice on international litigation.

  • Design of public policies for governments and international organizations.

  • Strategic advice on environmental regulatory issues.

  • Drafting of documents and publications on matters of Environmental Law, Water Law and Natural Resources Law.

  • Talks.

  • Trainings.

  • Conferences.

  • Presentations.

  • Workshops

  • Courses,

  • Seminars

Gran Ben

Lord Robert Carnwath
Former Minister of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom

“I am very happy to support Mike Hantke-Domas. I met him in 2005 and visited him in Chile when he was President of the Third Environmental Court in Valdivia. I have spoken at conferences with him there and in other parts of the world. It was clear that he has a deep understanding of environmental law, and also that he provided very effective leadership for the court. "

Banderas de América

Claudia de Windt
Executive Director, Inter-American Institute of Justice and Sustainability

"Michael has a great capacity for strategic analysis and a depth that is difficult to match. From our collaborations I always highlight his effectiveness in pragmatic problem solving and in seeing issues related to natural resources and the environment with a comprehensive perspective, of equity and balance. His professionalism and knowledge inspire trust and respect. "

El Capitolio

Chris Jennings
Former official of the Inter-American Development Bank

"Michael Hantke is one of the leading experts on water resources law, as well as drinking water and sanitation services, that I know of."

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